Monday into Tuesday

AP report that Justice Scalia made a hand gesture.  Just not the hand gesture some news reporters thought it was.  A bit of wit, perhaps.

Caught the second half of “Everwood” last night – the return of “Everwood” felt as if the show never left.  Speaking as someone who pretty much missed most of the season’s first half, it felt nice to be back in the world of Everwood – wherein Amy and Ephraim are re-thinking their relationship (again) because apparently sex actually can cause problems and changes a relationship that was never entirely stable to begin with (no, really, Amy and Ephram – that didn’t occur to either of you when this tv season began?); wherein Ephram doesn’t hate his dad (for now anyway) and may be back at playing the piano; wherein it appears to be Ephram’s sister Delia, who gets her pre-adolescent turn to hate their dad (Dr. Andy Brown just can’t get a break with his resentful kids); and wherein the other town doctor, Dr. Harold Abbott, is debating whether he really wants to adopt another child since the kids, Amy and Bright, have moved on to college.  Amy starts to volunteer at the college’s planned parenthood/sex ed type thing, and gets into a tense discussion with her brother’s girlfriend about sex v. abstinence.  Amy doesn’t realize that her dad, the leading conservative of Everwood (to balance the much-too-liberal Dr. Andy), had performed abortions in the past (and may still do), harkening back to a well-done Everwood episode way back in season 1.  Um hmm. Ain’t that a kick in the head?
The WB may be leaving the air, but the new CW better renew “Everwood.”  And, “Gilmore Girls” (at least let it linger to a believable end, so give it another year).  Probably save “Smallville” (which really hit quite a stride once it finally took on the Superman mythos) and “Supernatural” (of which I still can’t quite watch a full episode, simply because I resent that it’s the show that replaced “Jack and Bobby,” which was a show that really deserved another shot, even if the ratings numbers weren’t successful).  And take UPN’s “Veronica Mars” and “Everybody Hates Chris.”  CW would be quite a little network.  Stand up for quality, please!

CBS also re-ran the cute “How I Met Your Mother” episode, wherein protagonist Ted meets Victoria at a wedding, but almost misses out on keeping her around in his life, because the two foolishly made a pact to just enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime thing.  For a first year sitcom, it’s not a perfect sitcom, but it has a heart and angst that I like.

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