The coral reefs are in trouble, no thanks to the oceans’ rise in temperature. They turn pale and pasty. Makes me wonder what this may mean. It’s like the canaries who die first in the mines – this can’t possibly be good.

TV viewing:

Well, there’s American Idol. Simon’s still a mean man, but when he likes the contestant, he gets downright annoying. I mean, really: “Yes, that was really good. You will win this competition…” Dripping with… sincerity? Yikes.

I watched most of tonight’s NCIS episode. Hmm. The one big weakness in their plots is that they have to devise any possible way to bring NCIS into a situation. High school hostage taking situation – sort of a Columbine thing where the confused teen is strapped to a bomb to wipe out his homeroom – wouldn’t involve NCIS in real life, since NCIS gets involved in military-related incidents (“N” stands for Navy, duh). But, Special Agent Gibbs and the gang got involved because the high school is… located in the local Marines base and harms the lives of military brats. Ok. Sure.

Obviously, you just have to suspend your belief in reality, just a bit, to see how NCIS gets involved, but otherwise, the suspense was well done and the characters – well, I like anything where there’s respect for the characters and who they are and what they care about. NCIS isn’t a perfect tv series, but it’s okay tv. (unlike, say, JAG, where their sense of smugness got a bit grating for me).

NCAA March Madness brackets – hmm. I’m torn between choosing what will likely happen versus what I’d like to happen (a few weird upsets). Maybe I’ll make up multiple brackets. Hmm.

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