Finally Spring?

A warm March weekend in NYC.
Scientific news in this post:

Water found on a Saturn moon – so, what does that mean? It means, arguably, we could find a new form of life that exist in what we Terrans would call extreme conditions. Ok, more likely than not, it’d be weird microscopic life, or if more evolved, sort-of like the worms living off the sulfuric gases of Earth’s oceanic volcanos. But, it’d be a life form. And, ok, so I must have watched too much “X-Files” to think this, but we really ought to be careful with what we find (in “X-Files,” Mulder and Scully always ended up scrambling to find solutions to the weird extraterrestrial microscopic life infecting something or someone…)

The latest Mars orbiter – looks like it’s safely orbiting. The impending new pictures will be amazing, I’ve no doubt.

The whole Blackberry litigation settlement – wherein the makers of Blackberry paid off this plaintiff who accused them of patent infringement, when he never even made a product – well, the whole thing makes me wonder if patent law needs some reform. But, I’m no IP person (patents was the course I didn’t take; liked trademarks, but got bored with copyright).

A friend of mine e-mailed me this link. A sarcastic Precious Moments. Quite funny.

Oh, and last but not least – it’s about to be March Madness – NCAA Tournament. It’s Bracket Time!

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