“Charmed” is the first casualty of WB’s conversion into the new CW. Too bad – it’s a decent show. The writing could have always been improved (it never made all tht much sense to me), but it had a long enough run (WB was debating whether to keep it for quite awhile).

A nice article on Bob Schieffer, the CBS News anchorman (the so-called transitional guy until CBS find a permanent flashy anchor). I think he has a deft touch, and maintains a certain network identity. While NBC News is identified by Brian Williams, the face of its nightly news, CBS didn’t go wrong with Bob Schieffer. ABC though – well, it’s a tough transition, let’s just say.

A story of Asians on TV – the relationship development of Jin and Sun of ABC’s “Lost”. I’m not a viewer of “Lost,” but follow along with the story lines (more or less), so this was a nice tidbit (well, I confess, I did watch pieces of the episode referred therein, and I think that both actors playing the characters Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim are quite talented).

TV is not bad for you after all. Ooh…

And, tonight – the Oscars.  Hmm.

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