Something Blue, Something Lent, Something New

For Carnival, P and I went to see Brokeback Mountain to prepare for the Sunday Oscar party that we’re attending. Don’t normally like Westerns, but of course it’s not really about that. Ang Lee strikes again with his patented twist/tragedy/unrequited love M.O. Recommended. On the other hand, Loews Cinema Village IV on Third Av. had a mouse run down the aisle. Not recommended.

Had Japanese twice in a row. Tuesday night after the movie we went to Zen Sushi (113 St. Marks Place), which had really yummy half-price sushi and ramen. The mackerel was outstanding – after finishing the two that came with the tonkatsu ramen set menu, I ordered another in a pickled and pressed sushi style. On Ash Wednesday, had the charashi from Nanatori on Montegue St. to satisfy fish day.

New: Short film Take it or Leave It by J.P. Chan (know him from NYU) on tour at the SF Film Festival.

Amazing Race 9 gets its groove back – 60,000 miles in 29 days! Teams of two! Woo Hoo! I’m rooting for the hippie team BJ and Tyler – while their choice of Beatle outfits from the Yellow Submarine era is a little questionable, they are not Ugly Americans. Their years of travel experience show.

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