A record-breaking thing in NYC: some more than 20 inches. 26.9 in Central Park. So is it a plain ol’ nor’easter, or a real blizzard? The National Weather Service can’t seem to figure that out yet. Quite something. The weatherforecasters are already saying we’ll be back to the 50’s by the end of the week. Got to be kidding me…

The Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics of Torino (or Turin), 2006 – quite something, I had to say. Lot of abstract stuff. I kept thinking, “Boy, am I glad I read the Divine Comedy, so I can read much more into the symbolism than I probably should.” The Italian poet, Dante, would have been so proud. And, really, I think it’s great that now, Turin will now be more than just the town known for the Shroud of Turin or for the Ferraris. (well, okay, so they just had to have a Ferrari in the Opening Ceremony).

Bob Costas was joined by Brian Williams and Mary Carillo (who joined the men later on). It felt weird, since one wondered where Katie Couric was (and wondering if those rumors in the newspapers were serious – was NBC really doing something to Katie Couric because CBS is interested in her?). Yahoo! posted this interesting analysis from AP, where AP writer David Bauder observes:

“The games begin at an interesting, some say dicey, time in our world,” NBC News anchor Brian Williams said at the ceremony’s outset.

Williams and Bob Costas were the network’s hosts for the ceremony and parade of nations. Katie Couric has helped handle those duties for the last few Olympics but, with her NBC contract nearing an end and CBS courting her, she was benched this time in favor of Williams.

Perhaps no entertainment event truly approaches an Olympics opening or closing ceremony for general loopiness, and this was no exception. There were girls raising flags mounted on the backpacks of men, an unfortunate fellow being forced to continually pound a fire-breathing platform with a mallet and those model cows being led around the ice.

Costas tried gamely, at first, to try to decipher it all: “The universal symbol of passion, the beating heart,” he said.

But eventually he seemed to simply give up and the narrators allowed long stretches of silence.

Well, that was rather notable – I kept thinking, “Gee, Brian, where are you?” when it felt like Bob and Mary were doing the talking. Kind of odd that. And, nice surprise as far as the torch bearer was concerned (I kept thinking, now where is that Alberto Tomba, and pleased that Italy had other Oympians to honor). Otherwise, beautiful ceremony (and that Pavarotti – you can’t keep a legend out, right?).
Michelle Kwan stepping out of the Torino Olympics. She will be honored for her achievements.

Plus, tonight, Part 2 of “Grey’s Anatomy” – the resolution to the cliffhanger episode of last week’s Super Bowl episode. Poor Meredith Grey. But, you figure she’ll be fine, since, her name is the title of the show.

Stay warm!

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