Upgrade, Downgrade

I’ve upgraded the blogging software to the latest and greatest WordPress 2.01 software. It only took about half an hour to back everything up, upload the update, and then do the final configuation. It looks great so far. The biggest improvement is the graphical article editor that gives a nice What You See Is What You Get window. Let me know what you think.

New Justice Alito is already shaking things up by voting not to overturn an execution stay in Missouri, to the condersation of Thomas and Scalia. State of the Union? (Slate) Somebody is confusing the war on terror with the war on drugs.

This week is dragging — looking forward to the Extra Large Superbowl. And yes, I’m going for the unproven but not to be underestimated Seattle. I’ve been to and like Seattle. I don’t know anything about Pittsburgh.

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