A belated note: the passing of Lou Rawls. I was amused by the NY Times’ obituary noting that Lou Rawls did the songs on the “Garfield” cartoons (probably my main introduction to Lou Rawls, besides his work on the United Negro College Fund tv specials). Ironically, Channel 4 (WNBC) aired the syndicated “An Evening of Stars” this afternoon (a taped program), with the caption on the bottom that it was taped before the passing of Rawls. A salute to Rawls.

Today, the NY Giants lost to the Carolina Panthers. Oh well, the end to quite a season.

In the NY Times: an interesting story on the snow in Japan’s “snow country.”

NY Times has an article on cooking eggs: Daniel Patterson writes that his environmental lawyer fiancee wouldn’t let him used Teflon pans, so he resorted to other ways to cook eggs. The recipes look interesting. (not that I cook, but I liked his writing anyway).

The upcoming hearings for Judge Alito. A primer from the NY Times. We live in interesting times.

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