Kris Kringle Karaoke Karma

P- was out last night with her high school friends for their post-Christmas gift giving dinner. That left me home alone to fend for myself.

This was the perfect opportunity to try out for myself the Karaoke DVD player that I got her for Christmas. Self-consciousness is not a factor when you can practice karaoke at home! I got the one-legged Chris Martin jig down pat while singing Coldplay’s “Yellow”, and mangled a few other songs on the three disk Memorex economy karaoke set.

The final song I did from that collection was Lou Rawls’ “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”. As my natural range is baritone, the song works well for me. From the second half of the song, which is sung-spoken, I could see how he could have been the predecessor to today’s rap and slam, as some accounts claim.

It was a shock to hear today that Rawls had passed away from cancer. His history of giving back, including the years he ran a telethon for the Negro College Fund, makes him someone to be admired. We’re going to miss his lovin’, baby.

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