Master of Your Own Domain

I renewed the domain name for this blog today, as it was going to run out tomorrow for another two years on . They are not the cheapest, but I did get to talk to a human in a reasonable amount of time as I had forgotten the password for the account. I also got four nag phone calls from them to renew, which was in one sense good because I was putting it off, but on principle, I don’t give out credit card numbers to people that call me.

In other news, there is talk about allowing single letter domain names. As of now, all single letter and number domains are reserved, except i, q, x, and z, which were grandfathered. I like to use [email protected] in forms that randomly ask for an email address when I’m not interested in junk mail.

Saw in Metro NY (the free morning newspaper) about Fotolia, a stock photo website that lets you buy and sell digital photos. The Fotolia currency is a “credit”, which is equal to US$1. You can exchange them for PayPal dollars for a 2% ($1 min) commission. Photos can go for $1 upwards, or you can give exclusive rights. Sounds fascinating.

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