More Veterans’ Day

Salute to veterans. And, to the war that didn’t end wars (but that Woodrow Wilson wished it did anyway) (ok, so I missed posting this at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, but the wishes for peace and good will are there).

Breaking News from – Fox is canceling “Arrested Development” by January! Jerks! And WB is (finally) ending “7th Heaven.” I feel bad about “Arrested Development.” Not so much about “7th Heaven,” as it had a nice long 10 year run and will likely get itself a 2 hours series finale befitting a show that lasted this long. And, probably even get reunion movies and stuff like that.

“Alias” last night was more fun than it has been in awhile: the rookie agent Rachel learns how to be a femme fatale; Rachel seems to be developing rapport with the other new agent (but not a rookie) Tom; Sydney misses the late lamented Vaughn; Jack, her dad, is still being creepy – but has yet to realize his At-Best-Misunderstood-At-Worst-Evil Best Friend Sloane is betraying him (again); poor Nadia’s still in a coma (doesn’t Sydney visit her own half-sister? Why is Sloane, Nadia’s father, the only one visiting?); how far Sloane will go to cure Nadia?; Dixon was hilarious posing as a love-sick man to distract the Indian fiancee of the Chinese General who had the code Sydney has to steal; Rachel fights her ex-friend/Evil Agent (whom I shall henceforth call Evil Fred, since actress Amy Acker played nice Fred on “Angel”); and tech support man Marshall referred to his infamous past attempt to fight the enemy with (you guessed it) a spork.

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