Middle of the Week

So, Tuesday night:

On CBS, I watched “NCIS” – the “JAG” spinoff. There’s something about this show that I can’t help liking. Actor Mark Harmon – well, geez, you could never go wrong with Mark Harmon (that his Secret Service character was killed off so badly yet valiantly on “West Wing” was really sad). Actor Michael Weatherly (playing Special Agent DiNozzo) is a cutie (well, his character on “Dark Angel” was a cutie until the show got tiresome). And, the cast has a nice chemistry – one feels that they like working with each other and it makes their group of characters feel like a family too. It’s not a bad show, but if I have to keep seeing ex-JAG actors show up, geez, now that’ll be annoying.

On FOX, The Return of Dr. House! House deals with Dr. Sebastian, a sanctimonious self-righteous doc who is trying to end TB in Africa, only to develop TB himself and something heart condition. House, of course, can’t avoid being an annoying S.O.B. Actor Ron Livingston playing the rival doctor (who’s a lousy patient – no surprise, whoever heard of a doctor who’s a good patient? House himself sucked as a patient) – well, he’s a cutie of an actor… Well, all fun. Dr. Foreman got himself (and thus House) into trouble, and Dr. Chase may never go very far with Dr. Cameron, who’s a sucker for older, attractive male doctors who are asses. 😉

Star Wars III DVD is coming — I still get a kick out of the clip in that commercial of Obi Wan Kenobi yelling in anguish, “You were the Chosen One!!” in the final fight scene with Anakin Skywalker. (and, yeah, Ewan McGregor’s another cutie…)

The passing of Michael Piller, the executive producer of much Star Trek: The Next Generation, (co-creator of) Deep Space Nine, and an exec-producer of Voyager.

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