All of the Above

Opening Arguments, Endlessly (NY Times)

A survey conducted by, which administers online advertising on blog sites, and completed voluntarily by 30,000 blog visitors last spring, found that 5.1 percent of the people reading the blogs were lawyers or judges, putting that group fourth behind computer professionals, students and retirees. The survey also found that of the 6,232 people who said they also kept their own blogs, 6.1 percent said they were in the legal profession, putting lawyers fourth again, behind the 17.5 percent who said they were in the field of education, 15.1 percent in computer software and 6.4 percent in media, said Henry Copeland, founder of Blogads. He conceded that the survey was hardly scientific, but argued that at least it undermined the popular image of the blogosphere as dominated by antsy teenagers and programmers in their pajamas, tapping away at keyboards all night.

Now, how are you counted if you are actually all of the above, like some of us here?

Now that we actually booked it, I hope I am not jinxing it, but P- needed to go on her annual Fall trip, and wanted a change of pace from her usual whirlwind European tours, so she opted for Honolulu. I am not going to complain — if anyone could use a spiritual retreat in paradise, count me in.

I’ve volunteered to mark final briefs for the Thomas Tang Moot Court competition. I had an idea that it was going to be a lot of work, but I have 7 to read, each 50-75 pages a piece. I’m glad I have 2 weeks to do it.

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  1. Nice! Hawaii! I miss it! I hope you and P- really enjoy it. Wondeful place. God willing, I’ll one day have a little beach hut there somewhere to retire :).

    On the other hand, spiritual retreat and in paradise, there are a few places here in Malaysia, but it’s a little bit far ;-). Now, I’ve always enjoyed visiting Malaysia but the more I’ve done it, about 5 times so far this year with a couple of more times planned before the Year of the Rooster is over, the more Malaysia is really growing on me. So much so, that it might be a viable place to stay long termish if my business and professional opportunities match.

    My 5-day training class in KL is finally over. It was a hugely successful. The training had a lot of logistical difficulties with DHL losing (how?!!) our materials in transit, with a short time frame to get it and with large key customers “trying out” the class as a way to see if they’ll recommend it to their corporate training department. Everyone had a lot riding on it, including myself since I was going up there and talk about project management in a format I’ve never done before but have experienced as a student and dreamed about doing for a long while now. Also, if I did well, I would hopefully secure a training position as well as snare a couple of possible consulting opportunities. I definitely nailed the training position with this company here not only in Malaysia but very likely possibly with Singapore (this company is a global training company). At the end of Friday, we all had a nice group photo-op and smiling faces, hand-shakes and an amazing gift giving by one of my students to me. It was a scrolll of the Chinese character for Harmony (和) with a Chinese poem about it. Great stuff.

    Anyways, today I’m off back to Ipoh to see family and then back down again to KL for Monday meetings.

    I’m very happy. Just wish that B- was here with me but she’s holding down the fort in Taipei.


  2. Oh yeah, as for that figure about lawyers and judges, I guess does that mean we’re threatening to lose our reputation as modern day luddites?

    I think so. I know so many lawyer guys on the internet and using its tools and apps. I’m thinking now that perhaps we’re more representative, rather than the folks who are still stuck using WP 5.1 😀

  3. I think the popularity of blawgs (blogs + law) have made the Internet a hip kind of place for lawyers and judges. Not to mention the advent of Computer Assisted Legal Research (although let’s not forget books are still important), and the ease of filling out forms on computers and stuff like that.

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