P caught a cold on Thursday, and she’s still suffering from it today. However, today was the Atlantic Antic, the annual Brooklyn street fair. P- and I plowed through paella, chorizo, conch fritters, beef brisket, and Sex in the City-sized cupcakes, and Virgin Island rum cake. Also picked up a Circulon Dutch Oven for only $10.00. Availed of the $10 Chinese massage stand which has become a fixture at these street fairs — these guys tend to be good, because he picked up right away that I had overstressed my hands and shoulders on my Korean layout marathon. All in all very nice.

Saw Corpse Bride on Saturday. Neat stop-action movie; however, I didn’t walk away with a catchy theme I still have with The Nightmare before Christmas.

Finally put together the Ikea dresser that we had bought 2 weeks ago. It took me about 3 hours to get it together, but it is neat.

Desparate Housewives is quickly going into this bizzare Twin Peaks mode where a lot of people start dying. At least it isn’t like Lost, where they revisit the reverse speaking bit-character from Fire Walk With Me.

Amazing Race 8 starts on Tuesday. Let’s see how family teams of four can manage without needing counseling…

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