I edited my Saturday post, since there was a weird error on my reference to Slate’s Jack Shafer’s column on the race and class issues. Feel free to see the corrected post.

I do think that among the bright spots in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina is the spirit of generosity of universities welcoming students of Tulane and other Gulf region schools. Seeing it on the local news, that such local schools as Rutgers and even my undergraduate alma mater are helping out the local students who would have attended the Gulf region school this semester, made the reminder that maybe we local folks have our own regional tragedy in mind, considering how close we are to the anniversary of 9/11. Alma Mater put it best in its press release:

We in New York City know deeply and personally how difficult and painful a disaster of this magnitude is for the individuals and families experiencing it. As we reach out to help those affected by Katrina, we will do so in the same spirit of generosity and compassion that the nation showed New Yorkers following the September 11th terrorist attacks.

And, it also really got to me, for some reason, when through, I saw how this blogger is helping out the law schools of New Orleans. Then I read the generosity of spirit of these law school deans to invite the stranded students. The law field isn’t without its heart, it’s nice to see, to help those starting their careers stay on track in such dire times.

The local news report that NYPD police and MTA buses are being sent down to New Orleans to help. (well, the buses are apparently taking the cops down and then would help transport any other trapped New Orleanians).

Last, but not least, the sudden news: the passing of Chief Justice William Rehnquist. While we have long known that he was ill, it was sudden and, that it happened during sad times, makes things sadder. I may not have agreed with Ch.J. Rehnquist about some decisions or opinions, but I will acknowledge his passing and his place in history.

There’s this saying, “May we live in interesting times,” that has been attributed to the Chinese. Indeed we do live in interesting times.

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