I don’t know if any of us have friends or family in New Orleans, but I do feel for New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina is now a Class 5, and will hit by Monday, and the mayor of New Orleans has declared evacuation. Yikes. Stay safe, people.

Oh, why, oh why am I watching the NYC Public Advocate’s debate (Democratic primary)? It’s so ridiculous. No offense to the candidates (or maybe I do mean offense, I don’t know), but there’s something silly about this. I like the substance, if any, but the people… they’re not appealing to me. This isn’t going to be the greatest election, I’ll admit it. The scariest thing is, Norman Siegel, civil liberties man himself, is making sense (and he has to harp on that he’s more than a litigator). Uh…

The latest storyline in the comic strip “Blondie” is sort of amusing. The comic strip is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and so Blondie and Dagwood is throwing a huge shindig, inviting everybody from every other comic strip over. It’s the ultimate crossover. So, in today’s comics section, “For Better or For Worse” congratulated “Blondie”; “Gasoline Alley” interrupted one of Dagwood’s infamous baths to say happy anniversary; and in “Blondie” itself, George W. Bush tried to call and wish Dagwood a happy anniversary, but Dagwood believes it’s a prank. (ah, good one there, Dagwood).

Daily News article in the “Brooklyn” section – Hofstra Law School has America’s first Hasidic Jewish dean, Aaron Twerski (known to some of us from the Alma Mater Law School days; he’s also the known authority on torts law). Mazel tov, as they say!

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