One Through Four

THE ONE. Had a reunion Turkish dinner at Taksim on 54 and 2nd with my cousin, SSW, and about a dozen people from law school. Good food, great conversation, crazy camera shots, and the longest farewell session (nearly 1.5 hours after the end of the meal.

TWO. Started making small contributions to Wikipedia. It’s in some ways a bit scary as the audience is large, and you don’t know who you might offend, but on the other hand it is empowering.

THREE. Ring circus at work among three buildings. On Thursday, my cell phone pager goes bonkers as half of the network goes down at 7:30 in the morning, and I’m the only person anywhere near there. I get everything back up in 45 minutes, but it’s not a great way to start the day.

FOUR. I haven’t been sleeping well- I’ve been going to bed at 4 daily. Though not connected, a fourth co-worker lost a parent last week – I attended the memorial service that was on Friday.

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