Starting Something New

I’ve been out of action for a while, partially because I needed a break after cooking for 200 at last week’s successful APA picnic in the Bronx, and partially because my hard drive crashed on my desktop computer, putting a big crimp on my Internet addiction.

Updating a previous post, my friend had a healthy 7 lb. baby boy in HK on Monday. Congrats!

In APA news, Cristeta Comerford, who is Filipina, becomes the first Asian executive White House chef. Apparently, the Bushes were looking for someone that could cook both state dinners and huevos rancheros.

Finally, got a brand new work laptop. 6 weeks on back order, I finally got a Thinkpad T43. Perfect typing surface, long battery life (got over 4 hours on one charge) and built in everything. Very very sweet.

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