Duty, Jury, Pay

Thanks folks for the comments. I’ve been a bit busy as you will see below. Skype or me and I’ll walk you through this.

I had jury duty on Wednesday at Supreme Court, Civil Division. This is your garden variety potpouri type of general jurisdiction court. After about 4 hours of hemming and hawing, I got picked for an auto accident case. It won’t actually start until next Thursday, when hopefully the case will settle out after 6 years.

We also got our raise letters today, which were on the high side for not-for-profit work, but measly against the private sector. I thought it was good, some others were jumping for joy, and others were not happy.

I bought the Chowhound’s Guide to the New York Tristate Area. Incredibly awesome – the website distilled into a book. The indices in the back of the book are vital, because the categories in the main section are as arbitrary as New York Press’ Best of New York issue.

For those trying to figure out where to go to write, here is the link.

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