The weather is soo much better today. But, the subways are still hot and yucky. Blech.

“Batman Begins”! The reviews make it sound pretty darn good. And, Christian Bale. I haven’t actually seen a Bale movie before (clips of “Empire of the Sun” don’t count; and I’ve been too chicken hearted to see his grizzlier movies) – – – but he does seem hot. Hmm…. 😉

It’s NYC Restaurant Week – 6/20 to 6/24 and 6/27 to 7/1 (therefore can’t take advantage for the weekend). NY Times’ article considers whether Restaurant Week has been worth it for restaurants (sort of is).

The news on tv – “Jackson’s lawyers say that Jackson to Change Behavior” – no, really? (pardon the obvious sarcasm there). A jury of your peers say you’re not guilty, but no one thinks you’ve regained your credibility. Yeah, I think a change in behavior is certainly in order.

So it goes…

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