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I did the 5k race today……. more exactly quickly walked it. It went to all four courners of Prospect Park along Olmstead’s famously curvey road. The main pack broke away out of sight in the first 10 minutes, and a coworker from the 2nd floor and I made up the vanguard of whatever you call the opposite of the vanguard. It was a very nice walk — we crossed the finish line 2 seconds over 50 minutes.

I haven’t been able to see all of the final episodes of Enterprise, but I’m really down on the Dallas ending — like JR’s dream, Enterprise turns out to be Riker’s holograph fantasy. Why don’t I dress up like a chef and have all of the cast members do my bidding in the kitchen? Done.

This past weekend at the alumni weekend, I met a host of journalists with an affiliation with my university. Ray Suarez from the PBS NewsHour, Pete Hamil from the Post and the News, and Lynda Vaquero, the WNBC news anchor. An interesting theme is the myth of heroism. Hamil says a society should not depend on heroes. Suarez and Vaquero named a number of them.

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