Amazing Races

It took me exactly 30 minutes to jet from the end of exams to a waiting B23 bus to Flatbush, then yet another perfectly connecting B train to Sheepshead Bay, and then a mad 3 block run to catch the second half of the Amazing Race finale. I thought it was really great that they got in some Carribean islands into the race — the race has been to India 3 times, the West Indes zero before this.

The general consensus was that Team Pink Slip (the Africian American couple were Enron and Worldcom castoffs) were the more “deserving” of the final teams, but others declared shannagans on how they managed to get on board an American Airlines plane that had already pulled back the gate. It’s actually not that rare — it happened to me when I was coming back from Washington, DC. They had closed up, but after a few minutes realizing that the next planes were totally full, they put back the gate and let me on.

I’m going to be in a 5K charity walk/run (believe me, I’m walking) 7 PM next Tuesday at Prospect Park beginning at 15th Avenue (Prospect Park station on the F line). A lot of the exam officials are participating too – we’re going to wear striped referee shirts and our exam gear.

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