Flat tired

Week 2 of the mad proctoring extravaganza.. These 8:30 am to 9:00 pm gigs are wearing me out. Yesterday, during the dinner break, I got P roses to thank her for putting up with me these past weeks. That took a bit of doing and I got back in the nick of time.

As a weekend recap, had my Mom over P’s house for dinner. She loved the cable but hated the dogs. Sunday my sis and her bf came over my mom’ house; I did some of the cooking.

Was not too thrilled about this year’s Union Square fest, but perhaps I’m jaded.=20

My university’s having their alumni weekend activities at the end of this week.

More action soon….

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  1. Re: Union Sq – well… yeah, if I were more jaded, I’d say that there was less feeling of organization than – say – last year’s. (well, I’ve only attended two so far, so I’ve no basis for comparison). But, the weather was nice, so I wouldn’t/ couldn’t complain. Well, except for the tall people in the way… 😉

    Ah, final exams. Do I miss them?… umm. No. … 😉

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