Ok, so at this hour, the on-line tv reviewers have posted their reviews of the latest next-to-last episode of “Enterprise,” but I am trying my best not to read them (since NYC’s local UPN has Yankees on TV on Fridays, no “Enterprise” until tomorrow). I can’t give in to reading the spoilers and ruin it for myself. And, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, for not giving away what will happen on next week’s series finale. I cannot bear to have it given away; I must watch to bear witness to the end of Star Trek (at least, the broadcast television version of it; I’ll have to take up reading more Trek fiction again).

Speaking of Yankees, what the heck is with them? Losing like heck. Eh. And, what’s with the hype about Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner’s horse going to the Kentucky derby and maybe being a Triple Crown winner? Eh?

Mets – real close (since they had the bases loaded near the end of the 9th inning) – but they won! Yeah!

Until tomorrow…

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