On Saturday, P and I went to the wedding of one of my work-study students who had recently graduated. Centerport, Long Island was the venue for the ceremony and the reception, which would have been perfect if it wasn’t raining cats and dogs. We reserved a Zip car and made the trek along the Belt Parkway, the Cross Island Expressway, and then the LIE. After this point, the directions in the invite were really fuzzy and it was hard to see signs in the bad weather; thankfully I had Mapquest directions, which saved the day.

The ceremony was homey in a Methodist church/school; the main sanctuary serves double duty as an auditorium when the pews are removed and replaced by chairs facing the opposite direction. The reception was really remarkable — it was held at the Thatched Cottage, which had excellent food. The cocktail two-hours had a dozen action cooking stations cooking Asian and American dishes. The actual luncheon was really Linner because it was not served until 3, but it was so good. There was a menu of 5 entrees, which were all cooked to order. We had the Long Island Roasted Duck in orange sauce with string beans, carrots, and mushroom shaped potatoes — it must have been some of the best duck I’ve ever had.

Sunday started out as a slow day until I had a call that our office floor had flooded out — apparently they were doing some work with the pipes, and some bizarre change in water pressure caused all of the toilets in the building to flush. Thankfully the worst that happened was that some of my boxes are waterlogged; there were no computer damage. Went to Lowe’s to pick up stuff for the apartment — P’s moving in at the end of the month and the apartment has to get out of bachelor pad mode by then. We also did mondo laundry – 4 whole bags worth, by which P got fed up at the end of the wash cycle and went home to take care of the dogs.

Exams are this week, and I’ve got to try to actually sleep to make it in to proctor a 9 am exam.

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  1. Well – I must say that this Thatched Cottage looks pretty (based on entirely what I saw on the website).

    And, I didn’t know you got stuck with proctoring duty, FC. Ah, the one thing I don’t miss about higher education – final exam period. Although, sick as it sounds, it was a bonding time, even as we stressed out of our minds; and stress got addictive (living off that high and all that…). Eek. I better stop before I start sounding nostalgic…

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