Yep, upon better viewing of the “Enterprise” episode of Part 1 of the Mirror Universe episode, I am now more convinced than ever that Forrest would have been an excellent captain for Enterprise (umm, Real Universe Enterprise) since day one. On the one hand, episode one of “Enterprise” started off strong: yeah, so Capt. Archer was a man with issues (a bias against Vulcans; misses his late daddy) to go with his destiny (integral to the founding of the Federation). But, Forrest (admiral in the Real Universe Enterprise) has been a good man – a compassionate, firm, strong commanding officer, who dealt with the politics (juggling between the Starfleet/Earth government stuff vs. Vulcan diplomacy) – heck, Forrest even came to terms to developing a sort of friendship with Vulcan Ambassador Soval just before Forrest unceremoniously died. When even his Mirror Universe version was compassionate enough to go down with his ship (well, mostly to buy time for his concubine), there’s something to be said about Forrest.

And, what in the world does it mean that both women characters of the Mirror Universe seem rather loyal to Forrest? Hmm. Guess Mirror Universe Archer just doesn’t have enough friends.

Well, remains to be seen how Episode 2 of the Mirror Universe arc goes – but the arc seems like a fun thing.

“Grey’s Anatomy” – odd stuff. Actor Patrick Dempsey – my, he’s still cute…

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  1. You know, yes, my baser instincts appreciate Hoochie Hoshi in the alternative universe, but really they have obviously run out of things for these people to do. None of this really works for me for character development.

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