I swear – Fox’s “House, M.D.” is a great show. Dr. House knows he’s hardly a good person. But, he knows he’s a good doctor because he’s right. He doesn’t do it because he likes people or because he wants to save lives – or maybe he does care. Hard to say. This week’s episode is one without Dr. Cameron – she admits she has feelings for House, but chooses to resign to avoid being hurt by him. He’s not only forced to fire a doctor, he has to quit, because Vogler, the hospital’s a mean ass. Vogler’s so mean, he threatens to fire everyone who bothers to support House – or else leave the hospital and taking his millions with him. Mean Vogler. Boo hiss. Good actor that Chi McBride to play Vogler so mean like that, and to go toe to toe with actor Hugh Laurie as House. Ooh. Crazy show.

And, check out the “House” article on MSNBC – it takes the argument that “House” is centered on the Great Man character (House), even when he isn’t in a scene. Well, I won’t disagree; there are times I wish the episodes would focus on the other characters (I do like the actor Robert Sean Leonard; Omar Epps is always a good watch…). But, still – it is called “House.”

“Jack and Bobby” on WB – is a good show. Hard to say if it’ll be cancelled; but, it’s been fun, in a teen-soapy kind of way. Jack’s ex girlfriend Missy tells Jack that she’s pregnant; is he the dad? Her Christian Coalition dad, the reverend, likes Jack for being a young man of integrity (putting aside that Jack’s left-wing professor mom is secular and a sinner). But, all that integrity can be pushed so far, when Missy’s someone who lacks integrity herself; but, she’s only a kid, so it’s that much sadder when her own dad throws her out.

Today, I finished reading the novella, “The Pleasure of My Company” by Steve Martin. Very good book. Sweet, funny, poignant, loving story about this neurotic/obsessive/compulsive/manic Daniel Pecan Cambridge, a lonely nutcase who goes on the road to recovery, somehow. If the comedian/actor/playwrite Steve Martin really wrote this book, I have to say that he’s amazingly good. Highly recommend it; great subway reading!

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