A-part of yourself

Being the good boy that I am, and being that P works for them, I donated a pint of blood today at work. After going through the battery of questions (more than 30) and reading which countries were on the bad list, I was led to the bed closest to the room’s TV. Which was good because I was getting kind of faint after the first bag. I did make sure to eat before going, but I should have drunk more liquid. The nurse saw me turning pale, and raised my legs and lowered my head onto a bag od ice. Afterwards, P showed up and stuffed me with traditional blood drive goodies. Still, I felt rather weak and beat up. I wanted to do certain things, and my body wasn’t cooperating. My dad had to do this 3 times a week for 4 years for dialysis, making up about 600 times in his lifetime. Good grief!

Today was 1 month after my dad passed, and we had dinner with my mom at the houe. Thankfully she has found things to occupy her time. The big thing is her high blood pressure, which was a problem for my grandmother. My dad seems to find a way to make himself present; this time it was the low battery sound on the fire detector in his room. I have to believe he is looking out for us.

3 picks for restaurant week on Atlantic Avenue: Atlantic Chip Shop – great batter, Dhakaindian – much better than anything on Montegue St,; Shinjuku Japanese – pretty good but staff was harried; also was the namesake of the Tokyo neighborhood we stayed in the last half of the Japan trip.

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  1. I’ve heard good things about Shinjuku – I ought to try it one of these days. I’ve heard great things about the Chip Shop – I’d be incredibly vulnerable to it, as I’ve a fondess for all fried food. Mmm. Batter. D’oh…!

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