The Long and Winding Road

Quick recap of today’s trip: went down Shinjuku Dori (Ave.), saw oodles of camera and computer shops, found Isitan department store, had lunch at an Okanowan restaurant, took the train to Shubya, bought sake, crossed the maddening intersection in Lost in Translation. Searched for my friend’s bakery, which turned out near the Norway Embassy and a commuter train station. Had apple pie and cheese cake, took the train back to Shubya. Walked up Meiji Dori (Ave.) Encountered a New York hot dog vendor. Crossed through Harajuku, which is mostly like the East Village (and saw the girls with wild outfits and big blond hair). Had crepes, then walked north past Times Square and back to Shinjuku. Total trip about 2 miles.

This trip has been overshadowed by the path towards the boundaries of life and death. My father, Terry Shrivo, and now the Pope, may they rest in peace. It has been a time of reflection that everyone needs to consider in their own lives as it goes from beginning to end.

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