Saturday Itself

Ruby’s, the bookstore on Chambers St. in downtown Manhattan, closing shop on March 7. Very sad to see it go – even if I don’t go enough, it’s one of those places that has been around so long but has to go because of crazy rents and the changing neighborhood (apparently, the lack of yuppies working in the area meant less customers – because not as many around during the lunch hour – and people who just live in the area don’t go buy books). Go buy while you can; 50% off on the already discounted prices (which I did today, because I couldn’t stop myself; but at least I didn’t splurge).

Meanwhile, I am reading Dante’s “Divine Comedy” – having read “Inferno” back in college, the idea was to one day read all three volumes (in a beautifully translated version; it’s not like I can read Italian). So far as I can say right now, “Purgatory” didn’t have the graphic lunacy of “Inferno,” but had lovely poetry and more philosophy. I’m up to “Paradise” – loaded with philosophical and religious and political elements that fly over my head, but I’ll get through this.

On with the weekend…

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