Air Traffic Control

The past week has been dizzying, not the least because I had (have) one of those nasty colds, which is down to an annoying cough. My brother went off to San Francisco to make his fortune. P– and I have been making random progress with our Japan/Taiwan trip in March. We’re emailing to Taiwan, skyping to Malaysia, and writing letters to my councilman from Bensenhurst in Inuyama. My cousin T- is in on a flythrough, lamenting on the lack of IP materials available in Chinese law schools. We went to Doyers Vietnamese, which is basically the Vietnamese version of Wo Hop — in the middle of the most secluded place in Manhattan’s Chinatown, but incredibly cheap food. So cheap in fact that we actually spent more money on dessert at Cha Cha’s In Bocca Al Lupo Cafe in Little Italy afterwards.

At least it’s not the Amazing Race, which ended last week in a relatively disappointing fashion. Well, we’ll have a whole new set of people in 2 weeks. They’re casting for Race number 8, which will have teams composed of 4 family members. We tossed around the idea of me with P–, P–‘s sister and her husband. Boy, that would be something!

V-day was spent in our tradition of going to Kam Suh, a Korean restaurant on E 32nd St. For some reason, there was no problem getting a table. We had oyster pancakes (we could have done without because the free pan chan appertizers also included them), bulgogi, kalbi, and kimchi gigae. We finished the whole thing — I don’t know how. P- had done some Crate and Barrel shopping, finding some nice throw rugs, as well as a really cute Valentine’s Day card.

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  1. Your brother’s blog is curiously interesting. 😉

    The Brooklyn guy/Japanese city councilman – I’ve read about his story a long time ago in the Daily News. Very interesting.

    I cannot forget the tiramisu from Cha Cha – very impressive. Great to see T- again.

    Looking forward to the next Amazing Race – Rob and Amber from “Survivor” — they may prove tricky, because they’re dangerous for a pair of holdovers from another reality show…

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