Friday into Saturday

The passing of actor/civil rights activist Ossie Davis and playwriter Arthur Miller – Broadway’s lights off much too much lately.

Because Monday’s Valentine’s Day (too commercialized – boo, hiss!) – I suppose I could be more optimistic and positive about it – at least, did – with its resident poet editor(and former American Poet Laureate) Robert Pinsky making nice romantic poetry selections.

I wanted so badly to avoid watching “The Apprentice” the other night, but I did end up watching. And, it was silly. The teams’ task was to make commercials for Dove body soap, and they both made really lousy, stupid, tasteless ads. TV made the point that the ads’ lousiness could be attributed to the extremely short time span that the teams were given to make the ads (I’d also have to say that it probably didn’t help that not one of these Trump Apprentice wannabes were advertising people anyway); made the point that their ads were lousy, period, so it’s only fair for both teams to be in the boardroom. But, whatever – I’m beginning to get tired with “The Apprentice” and the tasks, which are getting more ridiculous.

I really like the show “House” on FOX, Tuesday night. Fascinating character development.

Wednesday: “Jack and Bobby” on WB – well, this week, Jack catches his (single) professor mother as she was about to have a little frisky intimacy with her (much younger) graduate student Tom; Tom, being half-naked on the McAllister family dining room table, leaps ten feet in the air due to the surprise of being caught by the teenage son of the house; and Jack’s main line (stated out of shock) was, “That must be some thesis.” Very funny scene. While Jack gets ridiculously righteous at his mother, he does accept that she’s allowed to have a life (albeit very reluctantly). And, Bobby continues the path to American presidency (learning a lesson – the hard way – that hunting game is not a hobby he wants to have and that killing is not easy).

And, this Friday night – I thought it made no sense for the other Duff sister (whom I shall dub henceforth dub “Sister of Hilary,” because I do not remember this poor young girl’s actual name) guest-starring on CBS’ “Joan of Arcadia.” Plus, I kept asking my friend, The TV, did Joan’s dad ever realize that he could have made an internal complaint of sexual harassment against his mean lady boss, the acting chief of police? (plus, the acting chief of police once again proves how retarded the police of the city of Arcadia usually are – since she deprived a drug supplier his rights by having him… executed). Hmm…

Oh, and (thanks to the handy-dandy VCR) I also caught this Friday’s “Star Trek: Enterprise” – curiously interesting. The Andorian storyline resolved (Shran, our Favorite Mean-Streak Blue Andorian commander, is still friends with Capt. Archer) – with a death element was kind of unexpected. Snd, Chief Engineer Trip – ah, I like that character and the actor does such a nice job – well, anyway, poor old Trip is having trouble staying professional but being too distracted with the throes of love (well, the acting turned out way better than I’m describing it). And, Trip can’t even express it to his best friend, the captain? Umm, the Trip storyline ought to be resolved.

And, gee, thanks UPN for promoting Final Episodes of “Star Trek: Enterprise” and Having You the Viewer Watched These Special Final Episodes of the Voyages of the Starship Enterprise. I really needed to be reminded that you, UPN, are ending this particular franchise of the Trek genre. [insert sarcasm here] …

So it goes. Enjoy the weekend….

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