Super Bowl

Too soon to make any real analysis, but here are some thoughts –

– like it was any surprise that New England Patriots would win. Kind of boring game, and while it was nice that Philadelphia Eagles made it as close a score deficit as they could, the game was what it was.

– the opening stuff – patriotic; honoring the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II; appearances by the veterans of that Greatest Generation and Pres. George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Plus, a rousing Star Spangled Banner by military choirs and appearances by military jets, etc.

– Sir Paul McCartney doing the half-time show, clearly a reactionary approach to last year’s Wardrobe Malfunction involving Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. While I love Paul as much as anyone else and thought he did a nice job, the halftime show felt like the game itself – felt very conservative. Guess we can’t expect any risk-taking anymore.

the commercials – most of them felt like poor production stuff (at least that ridiculous ad certainly did). had a funny/sad series of ads wherein this poor guy clearly needs a new job, because he literally works for a company of monkeys/chimps. Budweiser did a nice neat job. Muppets doing ads for Pizza Hut – well, a little predictable there. Pepsi was all right, but also nothing too spectacular. Direct TV did a nostalgia ad of TV over the years. Lays Potato Chips had a funny ad, but for the appearance of MC Hammer (yeah, that guy from the 1980’s – makes you wonder how much more suffering that man can take). Ameriquest Mortgage Co. (sponsor of the halftime show) had a bunch of really silly ads. Oh, well. Let’s see what the Ad Report in will say.

– The Simpsons’ Post Super Bowl episode – wherein Homer is assigned the task of choreographing the halftime show, with help from Ned Flanders’ Christian Coalition approach of making a halftime show. Very absurd, weird stuff of the World of the Simpsons, plus plenty of guest stars (NBA’s LeBron James and Yao Ming; NFL’s Warren Sapp and the winner Tom Brady; Michelle Kwan).

Back to work, but it should be short work week, since I’m taking time away from the office for Lunar New Year.

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