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Went to the Water Club with cohorts Thursday night – Restaurant Week special prix fixe (lest ye think my civil service salary would have enabled me to have afforded this otherwise). Quite cool. Ambiance. East River at night.

The real breaking news, which I will have to seriously digest (which goes to show you what are my severely distorted sense of priorities) — UPN has announced that it will cancel “Star Trek: Enterprise.” Even though the writing and acting has dramatically improved, UPN hasn’t seen “Enterprise” bringing in the ratings (well, geez, could it be because you’re UPN????) – twits. Bastards. And, other nasty words.

No, seriously, maybe if the campaigns to keep “Enterprise” succeed to keep the show on the air, what should happen is this – get “Enterprise” on syndication. Syndication allows for creative flow and control, for better – considering how Next Generation and Deep Space Nine succeeded, and even the non-Trek franchise of Hercules and Xena – or for worse – plenty of crappy syndicated shows have aired, and I won’t dare name the examples.

If “Enterprise” were to take initiative to be on syndication, maybe it can thrive (without being UPN’s whipping boy or having the sad responsibility of being the rating keystone). Or, maybe it’s time for the latest Trek franchise to go to bed and move on – let Trek rest for a bit before trying again. (but, has anyone ever said that of the Dr. Who series, and that went on for years. Well, I’m no Dr. Who fan, so, what am I supposed to say there).

Argh. Oh, well, time to either videotape episodes again or else buy dvd’s.

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