Wednesday into Thursday

Ah, short work week means we’re that much closer to the homestretch called the weekend.

Presidential debate #3 – on domestic issues. Umm. Hmm. Talking about the Iraq war (again) is talking about a domestic issue (?) – well, I guess so, in this day and age. Wasn’t too wild about some of Bob Schieffer’s questions, but figured that it was just another draw between the candidates.

Seriously, the debates have been like the ultimate reality show (well, without the physical stunts anyway).

Check out this week’s Doonesbury – (i.e., look for comic strips for the week of October 11) – cartoonist Garry Trudeau, via the Mark Slackmeyer character, is directing readers to websites of editorials or other articles written by disenchanted Republicans/conservatives who disapprove of the current Bush administration (or, are too frightened of Kerry to overcome whatever obvious qualms they may have about the administration).

Not exactly the funniest Doonesbury this week (Wednesday (10/13/04)’s was funny though – Mark advises a college kid to borrow a laptop to read a article on the conservative disenchantment of Bush/fear of Kerry; this is because said kid’s laptop is in the shop for repairs; Mark returns to check on said kid – Mark says, “Well?”; said kid says: “Oh…um, I’m still checking my e-mail.”)

But reading the articles Trudeau’s been referring have been very interesting (one citation to a John Eisenhower editorial – son of Dwight D. Eisenhower, was a Republican who says he will go independent this election year). Trudeau’s Moral: Getting different perspectives doesn’t hurt anyone; you might learn something (well, he’s not a favorite of the Bushies anyway).

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