Columbus Day

Local UPN station had plugged in to the Yankees game on ESPN on Friday night, and delayed broadcasting “Star Trek: Enterprise” ‘s season premiere until Saturday night, so I ended up accidentally taping 45 minutes of the game Friday night. I did end up taping and watching the season premiere; umm, I cannot make an honest assessment until Part 2 of the season premiere airs this coming Friday. Part 1, to say the least, left me thinking, “What?” The Enterprise crew continues to cease to amaze me; digital filming of the episode made for a clear looking cinematic look; and poor time traveler Daniels… his fate is bizarre, as usual.

Saw “Garden State” on Saturday. Good movie – sad, darkly funny. Decent soundtrack. Moral of the movie – it’s ok to feel and to live and all that. Oh, and actress Natalie Portman can act (as opposed to how George Lucas’ Star Wars reduced her talent to pretty minimal stuff); actor/writer/director Zach Braff (whose day job involves playing that screwy doctor J.D. on NBC’s “Scrubs”) – pretty interesting talent he has – to write and direct and act (and I think even produce?)…

Yankees v. Bosox – argh. How much more of the running soap opera can we put up with these two teams?

Happy Columbus Day. Geez, I actually miss Toyota’s Christopher Columbus Action Figure. ’nuff said…

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