Tuesday – The VP debate was odd tv viewing. Cheney was being all mean. Edwards was trying to be persuasive. Neither made much headway, in my opinion – a draw. I suppose trying to make it a roundtable made it look silly (I know that the Cheney group liked it that way, but it’s not good debating style for viewing).

The Yankees v. Twins game on Wednesday night – a neverending game; plus, I was expecting the Yankees to never say die. Ah well.

Thursday – I finished the book I read on SaturdayThe Salmon of Doubt – the last book (sort of) by Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Essentially a collection of his essays, drafts, speeches, and unpublished materials (including a half-done – obviously so – novel (or novella, to be more precise)) put together by his editor. Adams died in 2001, too soon and too young – and this book was a nice homage to his intellect, his humor, and his insight. The half-done novel was… weird. There was the sense that Adams really wasn’t sure of what to do with his ideas, and just wrote them out; his editor figured that this might as well be published, even if there was no real ending (seriously, no there wasn’t). Nonetheless, this book was decent subway reading. I will get to reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide soon enough – am looking forward to it…

More presidential debating this Friday, town hall style. (sure, let’s watch a bunch of intentionally-selected Average Joe Schmoes ask their (already approved) questions to the candidates)…. (umm, pardon me for letting a little cynicism ooze there)…. 😉

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