Spent today at Alma Mater’s homecoming game against That School in Jersey, the rival that it is. (no link provided at this time – sorry). It’s not like I understand football very much (I can watch NFL or college ball on tv, but that’s because I’d be watching as a casual tv viewer and can tune out easily, and the commentators explain stuff), but I wasn’t surprised that the NJ team beat us – but such a narrow win in overtime (it helps that they’re (a) more patient, (b) have a better kicker, whereas Alma Mater did… ok (we need a better kicker)). It’s still a heartbreaker (they won by only one point), and more so since the school spirit was great and great turnout (likely due to Alma Mater’s big anniversary more than anything else). Oh well. Better luck next homecoming; or, at least, try better in next week’s game, Alma Mater.

(the subway ride… lord, going back and forth took as long as the games itself. Being in Brooklyn to head up to the tip of Manhattan ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially on the weekend schedule; have good reading material handy). had a good Bushism – straight from the presidential debate: “The enemy understands a free Iraq will be a major defeat in their ideology of hatred. That’s why they’re fighting so vociferously.” When I had heard the president say this line, I concede being confused; “vociferously”? Mr. President, vociferous means “loud.” Sure, bombs are loud, but I think he meant more than that. I think. His debating style more to be desired; he stayed on point (“My opponent is inconsistent…”) but it got repetitive. Kerry kept it short and to the point – while not really simple. At point, I sympathized with Jim Lehrer for being confused over the two’s contrasting views on the issue of foreign policy with North Korea. I watched mostly the PBS coverage, but switched to ABC for the split screen look and the better coloring/lighting on the tv screen (the tv reception at home isn’t terrific). I’ll keep my commentary to that. posted an interesting Associated Press article on Ch. J. Rehnquist, as his birthday is looming but not his retirement. Hmm.

Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. If the field in question is at 225 Street, then I was actually in the building to the north overlooking the field on Saturday. Too bad about the loss, though.

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