I hope you don’t mind my passing this on, FC – this was forwarded to me by the local Asian American bar association:

Taste of Chinatown : Oct. 2nd (1-6pm)
$1.00 Tasting

Join us for an exciting exploration of culinary delights in our first
ever Taste of Chinatown, on Saturday, October 2nd, 2004 from 1:00PM to
6:00 PM. One dollar ($1.00) buys you a taste at each of the thirty
plus restaurants, bakeries and tea houses. This is a risk free
opportunity to test out establishments that you’ve never ventured into
before, and of course visit old favorites for the usual delights.

Participants of the Taste of Chinatown are located in the heart of
Chinatown, South of Canal Street. Each establishment will have a
table outside their store, where you can sample Asian delicacies at
only $1.00 a plate.

See the attached document for a detailed list and map of the
participants or go to:

Spend a wonderful day with us exploring Chinatown the best way there
is; through your taste buds. Should it rain, we’ll reschedule for the
following Saturday, October 9th.

For more information please visit

Please share the news and tell your friends.

Looked cool. Unfortunately for me, I may have to miss it. We’ll see. (weekend plans include Homecoming – something I usually don’t attend, but might as well this year).

The Montreal Expos are apparently moving to Washington, D.C. Such a shame. Games at the Olympic Stadium were decent fun, in that Quebecois sort of way. Adieu, les Habitants. Guess you Quebecois prefer only hockey and nature type things like skiing and fishing or what. But, can D.C. better support baseball? It lost two (or three) Major League teams in the last 100 years. Hmm. (and don’t get me started with the Washington Redskins – I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy season, but I thought having the legendary Joe Gibbs back as head coach was going to make things fun for D.C. football fans).

A special Associated Press story on the unbecoming conduct of a member of the legal profession: “Naked Attorney Gives New Meaning to ‘Legal Exposure'”. Apparently:

[Stephen Linnen, Esq. of Ohio] was sentenced to a year and a half in jail for ambushing dozens of women while nude and taking pictures of their shocked expressions.

But [he] won’t lose his law license and will be allowed to leave jail to continue work as a law clerk.
… He pleaded guilty earlier this month to 53 misdemeanor counts of public indecency, sexual imposition and criminal trespassing.

Linnen, a former lawyer for the Ohio House Republican caucus, has admitted to photographing women while he was unclothed over nearly two years, gaining the name “the naked photographer.” He apologized in court, but none of his victims was there.

Judge Tommy Thompson declined to label Linnen a sexual offender, saying he was not a threat to the community and was unlikely to repeat the offense.

Thompson ordered Linnen to keep seeking psychiatric treatment. Linnen said in court that he meets with a psychologist weekly and goes to daily meetings for people addicted to sex.

For some reason, I’m noticing a sense of irony to all this, in ways I’m sure others can guess at. (and thanks to for posting this story – so good to know that isn’t always so dry…)

One day before the presidential debate… ’nuff said.

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