Midweek tv stuff

I watched most of “Amazing Race” last night – quite a finish. Quite glad that the Christian Modeling couple didn’t win it (they got on my nerves). Don’t know what exactly the adventure says about their relationship, or that of the other young white couple; the middle age-ish black couple certainly defied age and they had great drive and adaptability. I can see why this is an Emmy-winning reality show. Nicely done.

I watched pieces of the “Smallville” season premiere – the first appearance of Lois Lane, in the life of Clark Kent. Cool. Looks interesting.

In that same time slot, I was mostly watching “Lost” on ABC – the new show about a group of plane crash survivors and dealing with what’s with them on this island. This ain’t “Fantasy Island,” and so far seems like an engrossing watch (and I didn’t intend to watch it; it was on and I more-or-less stayed watching, but for commercials). It’s created by the man who made “Alias” and “Felicity,” so I worry about the weirdness that’s more than likely to ensue (and I haven’t even seen Part 2 of “Lost”‘s series premiere yet). Slate.com’s Dana Steven’s has her own take on it.

I also watched the series premiere of “CSI: New York.” I like Gary Sinise as the lead, Mac Taylor; he has an aura of tragedy about him. And, he honestly looks and acts like a nice guy, as opposed to Slightly-Eccentric-But-Strong Gil Grissom of “CSI” original and “I’m the Ex-NYPD Blue Man” Horatio Crane on “CSI: Miami” (a show I haven’t watched since its own pilot crossover episode on “CSI”). The 9/11 aspects are a little grating, but it depends on how heavy handed the writers want to make it – which remains to be seen. Melina Kanakaredes as the main female lead (Stella) still has her touch of “Providence” about her, but hopefully the character will develop (well, yeah, I know shows like these don’t really focus all that much on character, but I’m a character-focused person when I watch tv; I can’t help that). Could be watchable of the CSI spinoffs.

During channel-changing moments, I watched some of “Law & Order” – goodbye Jerry Orbach (Det. Lenny Briscoe) and hello Dennis Farina as Det. Joe Fontana. Umm, well, it looked weird. Years of Orbach and so it’s hard to adjust. (and Farina isn’t exactly like a memorable character actor for me; but that’s just me).

And, then there’s the stuff about Dan Rather. I’m not a big CBS person, and definitely not big on CBS News anyway, and ultimately, the whole CBS-using-dubious-sources storyline mainly reveals to me that the media really tries too hard to get the exclusive and Dan Rather… well, he has his history in eccentricity. So, I’m not suspecting a left-wing conspiracy, not really; just Dan-and-CBS trying to get something thing. (just an opinion, mind you.)

Hmm… first day of fall indeed.

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