The NY Post a couple of days ago had the info on the new “The Apprentice” contestants – and it turns out that one of them is an alumnus of my Alma Maters. I’m especially impressed that she came from the same law school; Donald Trump’s lawyer, George, must have attracted people from our alma mater law school…

Vote for your favorite ad icon and ad slogan at the Advertising Week website. Too cool…

Duke U. giving I-Pods to freshmen at orientation, expecting them to use them for academic reasons. Yeah, right. Guess one is just hoping the kids won’t abuse using I-pods. Couldn’t Duke think of something else to do to promote technology?

Awhile ago, my sister and I were watching “Meet the Press” and Tim Russert interviewed Senator Zell Miller, the conservative Democrat – so conservative that one wonders why he doesn’t just switch parties. explains why Miller hasn’t made a switch (and apparently it partly has to do with his disinclination to be just another southern Republican).

And, a legal “Explainer” on, wherein we find out “How long do cops keep evidence?”

Oh, and sing along with me, to the tune of “Santa Claus is coming to town” – “The protesters are coming to town…” or “The Republicans are coming to town…” I feel befuddled by all of this either way.

So, YC and FC – any updates on the Asian front? …. 😉

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