Take the J Train

I’m one of those New Yorkers who don’t nearly get around the town as I should, so taking the J train to the picnic the other day was incredibly fascinating since I had never taken the J or go out to Queens very much (umm, taking the 7 train to the Mets games don’t quit count). The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) usually do things ridiculously, but find something with a touch of class: ex., Grand Central (subway) Station still not pretty, but Grand Central Terminal (the commuter train and famous facilities) is so nice; Canal Street station has nicely renovated wall tiles reflecting the Chinatown culture – but otherwise still has leaky ceilings here and there (leaking what, I do not want to know). Weekend service also has a way of being lame, but when the trains work – you get the weird relief that the city still works.

But if having just a little confusion (but not by much, once you were able to figure out which direction was what, due to weekend changes), the J train, was a smooth ride – going along the Williamsburg Bridge (100 years old, as old as the subway system itself) and seeing that the train is right next to the car traffic (so not like the Manhattan Bridge, the way the Williamsburg apparently sticks the trains in the middle). NYC’s elevated train lines aren’t nearly reknown as that of Chicago’s (good grief, did anyone see how Spiderman 2 invented an elevated train in _Manhattan_ that apparently was… Bay Ridge bound – and looking straight out of Chicago’s els. Not accurate). But, gleaning out the window, the J train’s elevated line is amazing.

The J subway stations on the Brooklyn/Queens side were curiously interesting – stained glass panels – so cool to look. The subway passed by stunning churches – Brooklyn being the home of churches – and domed banks. Cypress Hills cemetary made for quite a view from above. The J subway station I got off had an ellipitcal opening with a screen – I thought it was a weird window or something to look out down to the street. But, once I got downstairs to the sidewalk and I looked up, I realized that the screen’s wire was shaped into a 3-D mask of a human face facing the street. Urban art. Wow.

Saw “Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.” Cute, cozy PG movie. Nothing too deep but continues the adventures of Mia as a 21st century American princess in Europe. Love Julie Andrews and Hector Elizondo – classy actors.

Olympics – good watch as far as the athletic drama is concerned. But, so weird to see the crowds not quite there at the gymastics events on tv.

Enjoy the week…

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