Amazing, Just Amazing

Building down the block is asking for $250K for a studio, up to $750K for a two bedroom according to the NY Times. What’s really amazing is that you can see my apartment and several buildings that other writers on this blog will recognize out the window of the (QuickTime required) virtual tour of one of their units. Look at the last 30 seconds of the video as the camera flies through the patio.

For the other amazing thing, The Amazing Race, they are traipsing through Egypt, with the pitstop at the Sphinx. Wow, what visuals! On the other hand, who knew that one team would be stuck because they didn’t know what the word “satchel” meant. If you missed the episodes, catch the hilarious recaps at Television Without Pity – The Amazing Race .

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  1. Small looking apartment, but pretty classy. Nice view (sort of; like I really want to oversee the MTA building and the former Board of Ed – or, is that indeed the former Board of Ed building as the apartment building itself? ummm… no, I’m getting that weird icky feeling now. Let’s not go into my Board of Ed rant)… 😉

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