Looking forward to Friday

Recently watched “Bourne Identity” on video – decent, fun, action-packed, but poignant (character-wise) movie. Now I’m just looking forward to seeing the sequel, opening tomorrow, “Bourne Supremacy.” Doesn’t hurt that “Entertainment Weekly” makes the upcoming movie sound curiously interesting ((a) I’m too easily swayed when EW says something’s good and I can sense that it is too; and (b) apparently, Matt Damon as Bourne gets to use a rolled up magazine as a weapon – very cool).

Recently finished reading Sharon Kay Penman’s “Dragon’s Lair,” British medieval mystery. The young hero, the series’ protagonist, is developing nicely as a compelling character, although I still felt that the mystery’s plot was somewhat weak (wherein Justin, Queen Mother Eleanor’s man, has to figure out what happened to stolen chattel that was supposed to be ransom to rescue the kidnapped King Richard; murder and royal court soap opera make things complicated).

Recently finished reading J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” the second book in the series. I thought it was better than the first book – more development of the character of Harry. Whether I’m still on pace to read all five books of the series before the summer is over is debatable, but I’m inching toward book 3.

Visited StarTrek.com – wherein there is the announcement of the passing of Jerry Goldsmith, Hollywood composer. He is most known for the Star Trek theme from “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” which later became the theme for “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The article notes that he also made the themes for “Star Trek: First Contact” and for “Star Trek: Voyager.” Could’ve sworn he also did “Deep Space Nine”‘s theme too. I’ll definitely agree that Goldsmith made great music – not only does the theme for Next Gen always send thrills in me, that “First Contact” soundtrack was stunning stuff.

StarTrek.com also provided updates on the upcoming Season 4 of “Enterprise” – I’m either encouraged by the news out of the rumor mill or else really scared that this is going to be a roller coaster quality type of season. Too soon to say.

Spent most of Thursday night watching a “Scrubs” marathon on NBC. Ah, so much fun. This show and “Arrested Development” on FOX are the two most watchable comedies of the current generation of network comedies currently on the air. Wish NBC showed more reruns of “Scrubs” (wished my VCR actually taped more of the episodes, but that’s another story) this summer and that NBC was actually consistent about the timeslot for “Scrubs” (that network so disrespects anything that isn’t a reality show or a show prefaced with the words “Law and Order”). I haven’t forgiven NBC’s entertainment division for cancelling “Boomtown,” and I’m not surprised that CBS has done much better in the ratings with consistent servings of reruns of its good shows. (“Amazing Race” is clearly good quality (even if I’m not watching it, I can tell); whereas when will CBS ever learn that “Big Brother” isn’t watchable???). And, I agree with the professional tv critics – so not fair that the Emmies did not nominate John McGinley of “Scrubs” for an acting nomination – he is so good as the aggressive but compassionate (to the patients anyway) Dr. Cox.

Fascinating article on MSNBC – geneaology and DNA testing may help people trace their ancestry back to Genghis Khan. Hmm, and that means what, exactly? That he was one busy conqueror, populating Eurasia??…

And, back to looking forward to Friday.

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