Fun with search logs

Some people arrive at this blog for some really wierd reasons. First of all, thanks MSN search for entirely bloating our page hits by insisting on pulling all of our pages every morning. I’m not sure why they’re doing it.

The vast majority come by from a Yahoo search link. Get a load of these search terms: (these are actual search terms from this week)

Casey Cook Engineering Company Managers email
Teresa Heinz’s Daughter in Law Pics
Trudeau Bush Doonesburry 2004 Yale
Bathing Suit by Andrew MacKenzie at his men’s fashion collection for the Spring-Summer 2005
Feigal, Jennifer
Julie Chen Leslie Moonves engaged
Night Life Gothenberg Sweeden
NYS DOH fishing fluke limit
Russel Baker’s obituary skokie
britsh detective series’ and television
rachael yamagata mp3
latest philipino invention
john kerry royal bloodline
North Carolina, Tennesee divorce custody case
how tall is david boreanez
airtrain avoid paying

I don’t know what to make of this; I have no idea how the search algorithm came up with fishing fluke limit? I guess we are vaguely authorative about a lot of things?

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