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The New York Times > Washington > Dress Code May Hinder Their Work, Air Marshals Say

From the article:

Andrea Houck, 52, who was traveling through New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport this week, said that she thought federal air marshals should be “totally undercover.”

“Look around you,” Ms. Houck said as she pointed to other passengers waiting in the food court. “Most people are traveling in T-shirts, sweatshirts and khakis.” She added: “If I was a terrorist and I spotted someone dressed like an air marshal in a suit, I wouldn’t get on that flight. I would get on another one.”

Hey, if that’s the case, perhaps more people should dress up in suits. I know that I actually like wearing a sport jacket on the plane because I never have enough pockets to hold all of the stuff I’m carrying while doing my mad dashes to the gate. If it acts as terrorist repellant, that’s fine by me too.

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  1. When I travel international, I definitely wear a sports jacket. Need to for all the documentation I need to put on my person. It’s a pain in the butt to put that in your carryon and then have to take it down again when you’re filling in your immigration papers.


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