What are they thinking?

Amazing Race 5 started today — the first leg was from Santa Monica to Punta del Este, Uruguay– and they are sure not giving a good impression of Americans overseas. Why do they think that saying “muy rapidimente — we’re in a race” is going to get them anywhere faster?

What makes it worse is that a number of teams make some really bogus mistakes, such as missing the clue box clearly stated across the street from the hotel. That forces the top two teams to turn back from the finish line to retrieve the missing clue.

I’m rooting for the Father/daughter team — He’s a Vietnam chopper pilot, she’s a U. Florida law student. If that guy can get 25 stitches and still not be eliminated, that guy’s tough as nails.

On a different note, the New York Asian American international film festival is next week. Tremendous selection this year, and my org is sponsoring a film session. Their website sucks for trying to figure out what conflicts with something else, especially since there are two venues.

I’m thinking about getting a new cell phone in August. My phone wasn’t working over the weekend because a screw in the antenna was loose and I had no way of fixing it until I got to work. I’m considering the Nokia 6820 because it has a decent keyboard and it’s tri band, so it will work in other countries.

For those in the NY area, save Saturday, August 15 for the 7th annual Asian American Alumni Picnic at Forest Park, Woodside, Queens.

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