Car Crash

While having a late lunch of fried chicken with my co-workers, there was a sudden commotion. Loud screeching of brakes… a crash… short popping sounds.. thunk. We all dashed to the balcony to see what had happened. A black car seemed to have hit the side of an SUV, causing it to veer left into a telephone booth. The SUV had done a 360, blowing out its wheels as it knocked over a woman standing on the traffic median. The entire NYPD school safety force happened to be around the corner, so the intersection was quickly swarmed by black vehicles. They didn’t seem to have that much experience in traffic control though. The woman was down for the count: someone who seemed to be a doctor was furiously checking vital signs, but not attempting to move. The other cops had swarmed to her. After five long minutes, a fire truck and ambulances showed up. Six or seven people were taken out in back boards, apparently in serious condition. I hope everything works out for the injured.

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  1. That is a scary intersection, I always thought. Drivers and pedestrians tend to get stupid right there at the traffic light. Hope no serious consequences otherwise.

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