0 thoughts on “Things for free food”

  1. That’s pretty unusual yes. But, what’s that when the motto is “I work for food”? :D.

    Sounds like you have been terribly busy with pomp and circumstance(s).


  2. Mild ramble: “I work for food” = good work ethic. Food thus deserved. Plus, even if what you do for food is weird — so long as it’s not illegal or inethical (or violent or causing harm to self or third parties – which may fall in the categories of “illegal” and “inethical”) — well, so long as not the above, it should be all right to be food derived from weird work. So, eat in good conscious. Then, burn the excess calories, if at all possible (and possibly not desired)…

    Pardon the chaotic mind that is mine.

  3. Well, thanks… OTOH, I am one of the laziest individuals on earth. I could sit around just doing nothing, enjoying the view, playing chess in the chess park, surfing the Net, etc. But these characteristics are not mutually exclusive.

    So how’d the drilling at the Dentist go today?


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