Over the Rainbow

I saw a rainbow today… so did half of Brooklyn. After the miserable rains of the day, the bow arched over the Brooklyn House of Detention, joining Smith Street and Jay Street. You don’t see that happen every day. Pot of gold, anyone?

The weekend was quiet; for the photos of the Sunday wedding featured on today’s banner, look here.

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  1. Hey FC, that’s a cool feature — changing the categories. Is there a way the poster’s can do it? Obviously will need one for Taipei.


  2. When you write the entry, the check boxes for picking the category are on the right of the edit box. There is a category set up for Taipei; if you need more categories let me know.

  3. The categories (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Taipei) look cool. And, the pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge wedding – aww, that is so romantic. Perfect weather and great view – what we’d all like for any nuptials…

  4. Ok…

    bizarre brain babble … I hit me (again) that YC and F C initials are caps. ssw15 otoh is lower case. Hm, you are large and in charge so, supersize it baby! 😉


  5. er, whats up with this ?

    Wed 2 Jun 2004
    Over the Rainbow
    Brooklyn— F C @ 4:30 am ET



  6. Re: ssw – “ssw” has been lower case out of longtime habit dating back to college, when Alma Mater assigned the e-mail addresses and everyone had it lower case with the random generated number (at least, I always thought it was random – don’t really know if there were 14 other ssw’s; rather reassuring too, that even the Big Shot/Big Name Prof had lower case letters just like everyone else; still, when one’s prof gets on the PBS documentaries and cable stuff, one wonders why one would ever hope for a world of “equality” when we’re really not in such a world)… Anyway, never personally quite got around to making it “SSW” for my own Internet purposes, but go ahead and use it; I’ve actually no particular preference and probably would do it half the time in the non-virtual world…

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